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Originally Posted by Chachi112 View Post
i think its great that your happy with your new should be..its your hard earned money and only you can decide what to do with it...and just let me start off by saying i personally think the new boss lc is a pretty brilliant track for the other do realize there is actually no warranty for track use right??? as the owner of 6 corvettes ( 1 LS3 coupe, 2 C5 Z's, 2 C6 Z's, and a C6 ZR-1) in the past 10 years i can tell you straight up that all the pats on the back your getting and all the encouragement they are throwing your way to run the car on the track is a bunch a crap from a group of guys who are not paying the bill....when my SA and a few service techs found out i was tracking my first C6 Z06 they were all excited and in to it, wanting to hear a million track stories and what kind of times i was running.. the whole time promising me up and down my warranty will not be affected because the Z06 is one of the most purpose built cars on the road...till i snapped a half shaft...then it was "well you track the car, so it's your own fault due to abuse." then about 4 years later with my ZR-1 one of the magnetic ride shocks went..they tried to fight me on this as well saying it was abuse from the no offense to your car but in my opinion at least either a Z06 or a ZR-1 are a little more track ready then the boss...also the boss is a very nice car but its by no means a M3..i'm not a fan boy, i'm just stating fact...theres a reason that there is the price difference...its not some magical formula that ford figured out that no one else can...if you base every thing off track times...i would destroy your average guy in a gallardo or R8 V10 in my last i saying the Z06 is a better car? absolutely not, it's not even in the same league..also your on a M3 forum...i dont know what kind of response you thought you were going to get...i hope if anything ever happens your situation ends better then mine did
I demand pictures of tracked z06 and ZR-1