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New update from Evolve
Originally Posted by Paul@Evolve View Post
Evolve S65 Tune Option Update

Due to requests we have decided to offer an affordable alternative to the 'plug-in throttle pedal' products out there.

The idea of the products is to plug-in a device under your throttle pedal that increases its sensitivity, even more so than the sport button.

We realise its not for everyone, but for those that require it we have made it available when ordering on our site. We call it: Instant-Throttle.

When selecting we supply a SECOND map to you, a duplicate of your tune but with a Sport+ throttle sensitivity.

This allows you to select between maps if you feel one is better suited to your driving style - rather than the normal cost of $150 for a second tune to be created.


After our extensive testing we have officially launched our Catless 02 Ready tune.

Though our 'Stage 2' tune has been available for several years with a large proportion of our customers running this, we have recently revisited the tune at our customers request to have a very specific feature - to remove the dashboard CEL whilst ALSO retaining the 02 sensor 'readiness'.

We have now successfully implemented this feature, so all new Stage 2 Catless tunes (just headers or completely catless) will automatically receive this new feature set.