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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I can't find it in me to even somewhat like those Mack truck grilles. Not feeling their half moon shape of the air dams. I do, however, like the wheels quite a bit.

I read that the Chinese market likes those over sized Bentley/Rolls style front grilles and that Audi is designing primarily for that demographic.

And without the long Euro style front plate, it's going to look even worse. For a while I thought I might start to like Audi. But I've changed my mind. Plus I don't think the interiors are so great like everybody thinks. They seem too cluttered and with funny materials (like the goofy headliner fabric, etc..)

Also the overkill LED headlamp treatment is getting kind of tired now. Every time I see one on the road, they are starting to look like clown cars with way too much bling. Although I suppose it does work as a safety thing; you can't miss seeing one......