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Just to be clear on this.I ordered a LS the 1st day they were in the ordering system here in Canada.The order was accepted but was bounced out a month later when Ford of Canada decided that the LS was only going to be available through SVT dealers.Even though our ownership group of 4 Ford dealers controls over 40% of the largest market in Canada we are not able to get an SVT product which the Boss 302 LS is not!Once agin the typical bullshit of dealing with North American product so,I ordered my 2011 M3 the moment I found this out.I was offered other LS's at $20000 over list but that is a very stupid thing to do.
Be prepared for warranty problems if you do need major components due to track use as I am very well aware of how Ford handles their claims if it is not considered a "normal" failure which is no different than any other manufacture handles these claims including BMW or Porsche for track oriented cars that are used as intended.In the last 10 years I had no issues getting a new transmission & differential on my E46 M3 and a transmission on my 1st E92 M3 that were both tracked extensivly.Maybe my attitude & how I approach these things with my dealership makes it much easier to get things done without a hassle.I am also very upfront about tracking my car with the service people & management and I have never had a hassle becuase of this.