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Originally Posted by R A W L S
Originally Posted by jtvr4
If you're set on tracking a car, why didn't you pick up a slightly used z06? Far better than the Boss in every single way.

Good luck with chinese built transmission too. Most people I know are holding out for the 2013. Including my cousin, who works on them for a living.
Slightly used z06 would have cost a lot more than the new boss that COMES WITH a WARRANTY that LETS ME TRACK the car. How many times in one thread am I going to have to point this out as a main reason I bought the car and see value in it?

Oh, and I've heard all about the transmission issues on the boss. But it's nothing like how much complaining I've heard about the BMW transmissions, especially dct (insert link to one of hundreds of dct problem threads here).

I'm beginning to get a strange feeling that I'm not going to get a "congrats" on this thread. Just a bunch of guys trying to make themselves feel better about their position by knocking mine. That's cool I should have known better.
Gratz dude.

I'm actually waiting for the new gt500 in may so I can test drive it.
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