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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
I'm less an engineer and more a driver - I've driven some impressive dampers from 1-way Konis all the way to 5-way Ohlins. The difference is incomparable, it's like driving 2 different vehicles.
I think you might have a good point as i have always wondered what the difference between a $300 Single-Tube 2-way Koni is versus a $600 JRZ Single-Tube 2-way.
I understand the 2, 3, 4-way difference ... but not the price difference between the same features on different damper manufacturers.

Having a 7-post dyno in the US is a big + for KW in terms of setting up race cars.
And they definitely make a great product.
In this case however, i choose the Pepsi blind taste test, as Ohlins are used in some of the fastest handling cars in the world pushing 5g lateral = F1
So if it came to a choice between a $3500 2-way KW CS and a $12,000 Ohlins 3-way ... i would def go with the Ohlins due to the reputation and proven track wins and $3,000 per damper price tag

I think your point is well thought out and it's beginning to be proven true on the amateur racing circuit, where AST is making great dampers with some minor quality issues perform as good as the more expensive JRZ and Motons.
I believe Ohlins has a shaker rig here in the US as well.

I agree on the differences in performance on the dampers. Moving from the Koni twin tube design with custom valving(KW is twin tube as well for most of their street and track products) to AST4200 on the 1M, it's like stepping into a different car.

Ohlins will have a more affordable R&T product for the 1M/M3 in April and should have bettter performance than most if not all single adjust coilover systems out there.

Will I pick TTX over KW Comp? Yes.

AST4200 application on the M3 had some issues in the earlier stages, mainly with leaking struts or dampers, but they have been resolved. With the latest internal guide, seals and piston upgrades these already great dampers will be even better.