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Evolve: New Tune Options - Catless 02 Ready Tune - COMPLETE

Evolve S65 Tune Option Update

After our extensive testing we have officially launched our Catless 02 Ready tune.

Though our 'Stage 2' tune has been available for several years with a large proportion of our customers running this, we have recently revisited the tune at our customers request to have a very specific feature - to remove the dashboard CEL whilst ALSO retaining the 02 sensor 'readiness'.

We have now successfully implemented this feature, so all new Stage 2 Catless tunes (just headers or completely catless) will automatically receive this new feature set.

You can select this option on our listing page here:

If you don't require the 02 sensors to be in a ready state, simply do not select the option and we will supply the tune without that feature.

* The file itself is available from direct from our UK company, an online waiver must be signed that indicates you understand this file is only to be used off-road, as well as an admin fee of $20 via PayPal direct to the UK company.

For more information about our tune you can see it below:

And the important part... the tune.

Created with extensive research and testing the M3 ECU upgrade transforms power and drivability of the V8 engine. Developed with 100's of hours of dyno testing, datalogging and endurance testing we deliver 15-20hp/10lbft torque on a stock vehicle while retaining maximum safety margins.
Through careful remapping of the factory BMW DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, VANOS position and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains.

We also rework the torque calculations correctly to give consistent power.
The latest version of our ECU flash has been thoroughly developed and gives an actual gain in performance rather than just a quoted figure.

The result is an M3 that feels far sharper and pulls harder through the rev band, especially over 4500rpm.

Software versions for cars with center exhausts / x-pipes are also fully developed as can be seen by the lower graphs.

Stage 1 tune:

Other stages available - such as with Xpipe (same price, please specify your mods when ordering):

We only advertise our average figures based on the numerous runs we do in our in-house dyno. You will not find any glory run figures from us.

Options for the tune include:
  • Raise the rev limit
  • Engine Cold Startup Procedure Removal
  • Adjustability of throttle mapping
  • Top speed governor removal
  • Instant-Throttle Map option
  • Catless 02 Ready Tune option

  • Any updates/improvements to our tunes are supplied to our customers for free

Click here to visit the M3 listing on our website. Each purchase includes both the evolve-R remote tuning cable and the tune for your vehicle.

We look forward to hearing from you!