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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
When you say value, I think; %hp increase per dollar. And in that case it doesn't get better than the S/C.

Forget the intake and akra evo in terms of "value". $6000 for a few hp isn't particularly good value. On the other hand, a better drop-in filter at around $75 is decent value.
In fact ,if you see it that way , a TMS test pipes and tune give you 40whp for around 1700$(installed) so 42.5$/whp and the best value for the superchargers is the VT1 that give you around 110whp for around 8700$(installed) so 79$/whp ! That's not an exact calcul but even if the TMS stage2 would only gives you 30whp , it would still be more valuable !

But one thing is sure , if you want more then 500hp , don't go the N/A route !
And if you want the VT1-535 like me , put the TTP with it , that's gonna be your best bang for the buck !