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From what I have seen of the Boss 302 out at the track it is far from being the ultimate trackday car.The Ford engineers that were with us at one event gave us the part #'s of the parts that required in order to make the car perform as it was intended including a larger rad & oil cooler and a few other tweaks.This was in response to a friend who has mildly done over 5.0 GT that pulls better than his Boss 302 does over 6500 after a lap or 2.The issue is the engines power being knocked back by mild overheating at the higher revs caused by insufficent cooling for the higher revs.He runs both his cars on 94 octane fuel.
My experiance with my M3 vs the Boss on track has not shown the Boss to have any more power than the M and getting by them has never been an issue for myself.Yes a great car for a lot less than a M but it is sure not a superior track day car regardless of what Ford & the media tried to tell us when the car was introduced.A lot of the quicker lap times were due to the stickier tires that are standard on the LS than on the M3
If you think Ford will be better to service this car when it is tracked,I think you are in for a rude awakening when you have a big repair issue.For normal items yes I am sure you will be treated well but wait till you have to deal with the field reps for approval.I have had lots of experiance with Ford over the years and there have been some very disappointed people who have had to dig deep to get on the road once again.Good thing Ford parts are fairly inexpensive!

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