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Originally Posted by aus View Post
I heard of situations where someone called their insurance company to inquire about HPDE coverage, and the insurance company droppped them right there.

There have been other reports where the insurance company goes to driving events and takes pics of the plates and sends a termination letter if one of their cars is there. This is second hand info from an instructor at at CCA event. He had his plate covered with tape, and I asked him why?
ive been in insurance 3 genarations with farmers ins. we have never coverd "scheduled" race events.
Insurance companys cannont "just drop someone" we have to have a reason to and your insrtuctor was just paranoid lol you could never catch me @ a track event with a camera trying to cancel people and honestly we dont care because if u do total your car we wouldnt pay out unless you hade a loan on it and we would pay the bank.

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