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I was not thinking MR would be winning the vote, but it seems it is more popular than I though. I like having a car that stands out from other M3s, so maybe MR is the way to go.

As far as it being a demo car, it is taken care of than a little better than others out there. The dealer does not allow a customer to drive the car until after the initial 1200 break in. During this time only the service managers can drive it to ensure the car is broken in properly. Once the break in is done a customer car drive the car, but under the supervision of a salesman. I am sure people still run it a little hard. The dealer has to have the car for 3 months or 3k miles. Since it is winter in Germany, I do not think the car will have 3k miles at the end of the 3 month. I guess I will see as that gets closer (another month).

As for pricing, I am military and we get special pricing over here in Germany. When we buy one through the military sales it includes warranty in Europe and free shipping back to the states. A stateside dealer won't be able to match the price I get here.

What is everyone's opinion of the premium sound vs the standard system?

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