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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I'd strongly bet against a simultaneous US launch of the coupe and convertible. You didn't mention it but it sounds like you would bet for a simultaneous coupe and sedan launch as well? Again, I'd say it will not happen that way. Coupe, followed by sedan, followed by vert - I'd place $ on that.

Tranny: I think there is a chance that the M3 coupe will be available with 6MT and M-DCT from the time of initial US availability, but not a great chance.

So that leads me to the question: Who is your source or if you can not identify them what position do they hold?

SWAMP....speculation possibly (i agree)... i wanted to confirm the info i was told, and felt i should dig a bit deeper on this topic.... so i recently asked
SCOTT26....who has been a reputable source of info on this forum the same question...see his response.... -marksch123

(maybe Scott can update us on the latest)

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I am currently in South Africa working on the first promo shoot of the M3 Cabrio ( we go to Scotland and other country over the summer)

The Cabrio will be launched early November it looks like it might debut in LA or Detroit , The 1er Cabrio which I go onto after M3 Cabrio will also debut at a US show.

Both Coupe and Cabrio and gearbox options will be available for the North American market simultaniously this is still on for Spring 2008.

BMW are now working on making the cars USA friendly.