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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
Sorry, yea I'm on the XBbox. Sorry to hear about the camera issues, the consol has some minor bugs, which I'll edit. Suck to have all games now becoming consol ports to the PC, should be the other way around.

I do agree about the weapon idea, however, you would be stuck with that weapon thoughout the game. I've found a lot of versatility in the might tree with skills that combine well with my weapons. Another thing I would add is to make requirements on armor such as str/agi/int. I play a warrior type class, however, I don't want to wear heavy armor. I would rather rely on finess type armor with + crit% as I see myself more of a damage base class versus tank role. I've just started crafting, and found out it's easy to make heavy armor with +crit%, but it would be nice to have the option to wear finess set armor without investing 14 skills into finess.

Right now I'm 46 Might / 11 Magic (Chakram secondary weapon owns combined with a Greatsword)
It's a moot point, but a clarification on the weapon xp idea. It would be xp tables for each and every weapon, and it wouldn't limit you. It would just be, if you equiped daggers, had lvl 5 dagger xp, then did a 3pt combo it would execute. But if you then looted a legendary greatsword, had lvl 1 greatswords, then attempted the same 3pt combo it would only do the basic attack 3 times and the combo wouldn't execute. Basically, how it is in real life. You learn and practice with 1 weapon, and have to do it over again later if you pick up something else.

I agree with your thought on the armor types and requirements.