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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
OMG thank you so much for mentioning this game. This is the greatest game ever!!! I'm suprised it's not making any huge waves as it's still mostly unknown. I played it all weekend, roughly level 20 now. So take my small review for what it's worth.

- Beautiful colorful graphics, like it or hate it, the atmosphere is beautiful. It's a fantasy RPG, and the graphics are cartoon like "aka WoW" but they are very detailed.
- Action. Think of God of War combat inside of an RPG. It's fast and heavy hitting.
- Customizability. There are 3 main skill trees; Might (warrior), Finess (rogue), Magic (mage). Each level you get 3 skill points to go in whatever class you wish. Then you get to choose a skillset point (smithing, alchemy, gem crafting, etc.), and finaly you get 1 Destiny point. The Destinies can be combined (Might/Finess) and add attributes like +crit %, mele damage %, etc. So basically, you play the game how you want it to be played, which is the only similarity to Skyrim
- Tons of quests! You have side quests around town and secondary guild quests similar to Skyrim.
- Fate mode. You can slow down time and perform finishing moves.
- Loot!!! Think of Diablo or WoW. You have rare, unique, set and craftable items. There are weapons galore, never seen such variety. Longsword, greatsword, hammer, daggers, faeblades, ...... it keeps going. You can't dual yeild, that's only for daggers/faeblades.
-Mostly all NPC's have voice over.
- You can re-spec and change your appearance at anytime during the game (if you own the house in Webwood).

- Standard go here get this or kill this quests...about the only thing holding this one back.
- Nothing new in terms of RPG's....but this is not a bad thing.
- Dual yeiling any type of melee weapon would be nice.

Like said before. Nothing new here, this game takes aspects from Diablo, WoW, GoW, Skyrim and turns it into a masterpiece. Sometimes nothing new turns out to be a good thing. If you like any of the games listed above, and who doesn't, you will want to own KoA:R. With so much customization of characters, I think there will be tons of replay value, however, lets see if the quests get old like Skyrim did.

9.5/10 - in my first 20 levels.
Your review is missing an important contextual clue. What system are you playing it on?

I play it on PC, and at the moment I would give this game a 3/10. It is clearly a console port, and it doesn't do a lot to hide it. This means it basically plays poorly on the PC. The camera is too close to the character, which means my character is 1/3 of my screen on a 24" monitor, and the camera control is clunky at best. The game's best selling point, it's combat system, is interesting however the other issues overshadow it.

I also found the choices in each skill tree to be more than underwhelming. You don't get many unique attack abilities, mostly passive or combo modifiers. At that point, it would have almost been better to just assign a experience system onto each weapon type and let you progressively get more proficient at each weapon as you used them. This would organically take out the feeling of foresight that you feel you must have when you allocate points into a specific weapon type, seemingly looking yourself in for the foreseeable future. It would also avoid the instant gratification symptoms when you get a super new weapon and then have nothing in your setup that can support it, thusly ruining the whole experience of getting a super-cool new item.

If they cleaned up the PC version or If I played the console version, I may agree with your scoring. However, I still think the camera is too close in even for a console game.

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