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Originally Posted by Dgarcia41982
Three weeks ago I traded my 08 evo x for an 08 e90 m3 sedan. During my test drive I knew right away that my evo was faster. My x had 350 whp and 339tq full catless tbe, intake and pro tune. The x was a blast to drive. On the other hand that was my dd and I got tired of shuttling my family around in it. I'm 30 years old and just felt I needed more refinement as well as performance. Not to mention the hawking eyes of the police everywhere I went. Overall I'm really happy with my decision and don't regret it at all. I will say this! I will purchase another evo one day though. The evo is just to raw, so if you what just truly raw performance go with evo. Good luck.
Dude, this thread was nearly 3 years old. I hope he decided by now.
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