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Originally Posted by CardSurge
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Feeling inadequate much?
Didn't think I'd chime in here. Didn't vote on the poll, because I don't care. Surgeons piss and moan because ancillary, time and time again, can't even remember what size and type of glove they need, much less what else they need/want.

I have nothing but respect for anyone else, regardless of their education, who drives the same car. How about a little for the ones that can, and can also remove the tumor from your grandmother's Vena Cava?

The anesthesiologists, radiologists, cardiologists, perfusionists, etc that I work with are some of the best and brightest individuals I know and in their field. I have the utmost respect for them. That being said, they can collectively do about ~3% of my job and skillset. Partly due to the fact that my training is 2 times that of a fellow-trained anesthesiologist or cardiologist. We face some of the most stressful situations of any profession (excluding active military) on a routine basis.

Let's stop bashing and just enjoy the fact that we can all usually get out of our (flagrant) speeding tickets.
I'm an IR and have just as much training as you do. If you can do ~3% of what I can do, that would be something to brag about. Get off your high horse now