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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
From each according to their ability, to each according to their means...Right? Good talking with you scotch, you have to pay multitudes more in percent and multitudes of multitudes by absolute value by virtue of having, excellent thinking scotch. Notice the paragraph on the top of the numbers you posted, clearly a complete objective account of information, despite it being at odds with almost every other figure out there.

Scotch just say your pissed at everyone who makes more money than you and by god your going to be the great regulator you need to be to pull them down to your level.

And because its totally relevant to this thread, as someone who just graduated college, i got back more on my Tax return than i put in, Thanks quality accountant!! I seriously considered not signing the paper, than i thought, their going to be taking fair more than whats fair this coming year, i may as well take it while i can get it... This is the system you live in, you don't make much? congratulations your tax "return" is that fantastic free bonus you have been waiting on!

Keep acting like the rich arent paying their fair share scotch, while your busy with that, im going to see people in the company I now manage working a day before deciding, "i dont like waking up early for work, plus i make just as much with welfare un-employed than i do employed" This isnt a hypothetical, it happens several times a year. We hear the same things with our gov assisted customers even more often.
honestly, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, or what your point is. I'm fairly wealthy, many of my friends and family are wealthy, I applaud wealth.

I don't understand this idea of "charity"; taxes are just a percent of your earnings - for every dollar you earn, you have to pay tax, that's it. What's so fucking difficult? If you want to live in our society, just pay your fucking taxes, and move on.

Years ago, my father, who was a small business owner, was in the 50% bracket, so I don't know what all you selfish pissants are complaining about. You all claim to be so business savvy, but you can't accept the basics of having a functioning government. You know, there are people out there struggling to feed their families, so think about that the next time you buy those performance headers, or that full-body skirt kit, and tell me about your hard life.