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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
How do the RS29s compare to the PF01s? I love the PF01s bite and fate resistance. Do hate how they eat rotors and the noise. I used to like the garbage truck squealing but its gotten old.
The RS-29 would probably compare better to the PF-06, both being rated as more of an enduro pad.

I didn't know the PF-01s were so rotor un-friendly. I know Martin D. (and others) swear by them, but I guess he can afford to replace them like every other event!

Originally Posted by Richard@M-World View Post
RS29 is a great choice because it offers med-high bite (coefficient of friction 0.49 max) up to 1,100 deg. F and is easy on rotors. Also known for its low wear ...
Richard, I've heard that as well. But in general terms, I can't figure out how a long wearing pad can be easy on rotors at the same time. Both are deteriorating surfaces that get worn away like sandpaper with friction over time. One surface has to be harder or more resilient than the other one. A pad that lasts long would do so at the expense of the rotor, and vice-versa. With friction and heat,seems something's got to wear off/out. To me it seems intuitive that enduro pads would be rotor eaters.

Maybe I've been watching too much Discovery channel...

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