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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Not taking anything away from the massive R&D and effort you guys have put would just be nice to see a solution that didnt cost as much as a used car..I know its an M3 it would just be nice for once not to have to pay the premium M price

That said I really struggle to understand why the costs are so high..I have had quality full mandrel bent systems on 335i, VWs, G37s..never cost more $2K..This is obviously not the same as those systems..much higher end..but still...thats my take on it.
This really has nothing to do with the car being an M3 and everything to do with the materials and resources involved. It is aggressively priced for what it provides and the research backing it. Also - lower volume cars means higher prices, typically, from manufacturing resources. The M3 also has quite a bit of actual pipe and needs significant attention to exhaust note.

Honestly, when I read the original post, and before I saw the price, I was very concerned it would be much higher which I thought would be too high for enough volume.

You have to realize the resources include the physical material as well as Sal and Evolve's time. I've never seen anyone disclose this much information on their development. I also doubt that many, aside from companies like Akrapovic, actually do the same level of testing. Who do you want designing your exhaust, a mathematician or a guy at Meineke? : )

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