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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
With all due respect to your wordy example, this is some major messed-up kind of logic.

No one pays for the "right" to use any of the services of their collective taxes. A simpler example can be made by your property tax, much of which pays for your local schools. Those who don't have kids in school often complain about having to pay the tax, but that's just how taxes work. Whether I live in a $100K house and send 6 kids to school, or a $2M house with no kids, my very large or very small property taxes go to the school. It's a collective, just like auto insurance, or health insurance. None of these have any necessary correlation between contribution and benefit.

This whole top tax rate discussion is bullshit. Not long ago, the top rate was 70%. There's no law that says that it must be 34% or less, they should be able to make it whatever the hell they need. A 5% increase in the marginal rate for incomes above $250K would have a negligible impact on taxpayers, but would substantially increase revenue. One would need to have an AGI well over $250K before the rate change would be noticeable, plus it would be an incentive for investment.

Just as a person with an income of $25K shouldn't pay a 30% tax rate, we need to get a higher rate from those with higher discretionary incomes. It's still just a percentage - if you make an extra dollar, you'll take home a substantial portion of that dollar. It's all very logical; we're not going to pay for our services on the backs of those making $18K, so we either stick with the graduated tax system, or scrap it entirely.

From each according to their ability, to each according to their means...Right? Good talking with you scotch, you have to pay multitudes more in percent and multitudes of multitudes by absolute value by virtue of having, excellent thinking scotch. Notice the paragraph on the top of the numbers you posted, clearly a complete objective account of information, despite it being at odds with almost every other figure out there.

Scotch just say your pissed at everyone who makes more money than you and by god your going to be the great regulator you need to be to pull them down to your level.

And because its totally relevant to this thread, as someone who just graduated college, i got back more on my Tax return than i put in, Thanks quality accountant!! I seriously considered not signing the paper, than i thought, their going to be taking fair more than whats fair this coming year, i may as well take it while i can get it... This is the system you live in, you don't make much? congratulations your tax "return" is that fantastic free bonus you have been waiting on!

Keep acting like the rich arent paying their fair share scotch, while your busy with that, im going to see people in the company I now manage working a day before deciding, "i dont like waking up early for work, plus i make just as much with welfare un-employed than i do employed" This isnt a hypothetical, it happens several times a year. We hear the same things with our gov assisted customers even more often.

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