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Originally Posted by ///M Ryder View Post
I think he did a great job for the money he spent. Below is my thread when I installed my Arkym......gaps are going to happen because the tape may not hold correctly or the design is just bad. Either way the silicone is a major win...............Phil
Thanks Phil. Like I said before not 100% but with a little work and hands on it had no problem garnering praise from fellow Cars and Coffee members this morning

Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
That fitment is pretty bad to be honest. I'm not anal about aftermarket parts by any means, I have reasonable expectations of aftermarket stuff, and I wouldn't put that on my car if it was free.
Thanks for the replay. Would you mind commenting on why you feel the fitment is incorrect? I'm curious why you feel that way and what I may be able to improve upon. Keep in mind as well that the pictures are extremely intimate in detail, more than I've seen of ANY lip before.

Originally Posted by ec_E92 View Post
Not trying to be a d*ck but I wonder how different some of these comments would be if OP's title post was "just put on a brand new $1000 vorsteiner lip!" even with same pics
I'm curious as well. I NEVER claimed it ot be comparable to the more expensive/better options just putting my experience out there. True, it isn't a "high dollar" piece but does that make it "wrong?"

...also for those that feel I'm making a OEM or Arkym/Challenge/Reinvora VS. Rep comparison please don't view this thread as that type of argument. This isn't about who can afford what, etc. I could easily buy any part out there but that doesn't mean I should. Yes it is a 72k car and some would argue to put ridiculously priced parts on it. Partly, I would agree. It doesn't hurt to try other things so I did.

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