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Originally Posted by Gregxi View Post
Dallas won the Super Bowl you and Soorena would still be dancing in the streets.
yeah we would

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back to the the topic at hand,

I am pretty sure Manningham is gone, He made a great catch but at least twice a game he blows his route and never seems to know where the sideline is but some team will overpay him.
Osi is still under contract through 2012 but if he does not get a new contract he will probably hold out next season, hopefully they pay the man and keep the depth we have.

The NFC East is up for grabs again, next year the Skins are a QB away from being a contender hopefully Snyder manages to fuck that up again, The Eagles could lose DJax to free agency and I think as long as Vick is the QB they will never make it very far, he never can stay injury free and always puts himself in situations where he will get hurt and Vince Young can't beat anyone other than the Giants.
Dallas can free up more money by releasing the secondary and getting some decent corners but Rob Ryan has to learn how to dumb down the coverage schemes to the personnel on the field something Perry Fewell didn't figure out until week 14.
manningham has always been an idiot. Washington and eagles will fail.....i hope