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Own them both - 335d w/sport pkg is a good commuter car & fun to drive. Bought it to have as a nice reliable car to take on family trips w/o drawing too much attention here in Europe. Don't have to stop for gas every few hundred miles. Lots of pick up when you wanna pass cars, deceivingly quick & holds the road good. Depending on traffic, I generally try to keep it around 110-120 MPH on the autobahn. I bounced off the limiter once @149. Haven't added the JBD because I have the M3 & would be more interested in a real ECU tune. Unfortunately, can't find anyone making a remote tune for US spec 335d's.

No, the 335d is no match for the M3, seriously. Don't see the 335d hanging with the M3 from a dig because of the open differential & lack of HP. Maybe if the 335d had a quaife, it may keep up for a while. I haven't hit the M3's limiter yet & had it past 164 MPH. Seriously, don't think I ever will....