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What I find interesting about this poll is that is shows that there is no magic educational level that is required for you to be financially successful. Let's face it, M3s aren't cheap and to own one you must have obtained some level of financial success in your life (assuming that you purchased your own vehicle).

Case in point, I have a family member who has their own successful business and today is reaping the rewards of 20 plus years of hard work, earning an annual 7 figure income. This person partied like a rock star in high school and was on the fast track to living out of a 40 year old mobile home in the middle of the desert. A few years out of high school this person was forced to step up and take on some real responsibility in a family business. They stepped up to this challenge and 20 years later the business is stronger than ever. This is a smart person who has achieved financial success with only a high school degree.

This does not discount the value of learning (time and time again it has been shown that education provides additional opportunities for financial success), but rather shows once again that it is not required to be financially successful.

Smarts, no matter how you get them, coupled with hard work and a bit of good fortune, can get you a long way in this world.