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Originally Posted by HeartMD View Post
Id rather say that you have a completely different specialty (albiet very specialized) hence others cant do what you do. Rather then stating that your training was 2 times longer. Last time I check I trained for Six years and CT was not 12. All are different in there own right. I sure as hell could not perform a CABG, MVR or AVR but wouldnt expect a ct surgeon to manage decompensated HF, medically manage arrythmia etc.
FYI not trying to get into a pissing contest as I admit we NEED your skill set, but your comment comes across as a condescending attempt to belittle other specialties.
As challenging as managing decompensated heart failure or an arrhythmia may be, it ultimately involves relying on evidence-based medicine and prescribing medications. Undoubtedly complex but, quite frankly, achievable by a significantly greater proportion of the medical professional population than surgery which involves actual technical skill--dexterity, hand eye coordination, rapid decision-making, etc.