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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
For those say looking looks "ok" for what it is ....a rep at a good price..the fitment is defintly not "great"..having used OEM stuff..the fit is seamless with NO gaps

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I absolutely agree and I wasn't trying to compare this to anything that is OEM or of higher quality like Challenge, Arkym, etc. I was simply stating this relative to other reps and how they're in general horrible quality. I may have just gotten lucky but wanted to share my experience and one way to make something that isn't 100% acceptable.

Also the gap you pointed out actually was NOT a gap at all. The lip sat 100% flush at that line. It was only at the bottom where there was the gap. The top of the lip has a somewhat "rounded" top end. I put the masking tape when I did the silicone with some overlap with the lip and bumper so it would feather in and be more flush than having a completely recessed filled gap; so it was more of a "cap" than just gap filler if that makes sense. In person it actually looks MUCH better. Keep in mind that was taken from 3". If i see anyone looking at my lip from 3" away I'll just need to

So again, not saying replicas over oem/higher quality pieces AT ALL! Was actually looking to go the Arkym route, but reps can be made to work for those who can't/won't swing something 10x the price.

Thanks for all the feedback!