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Originally Posted by ///M Ryder View Post
Now that looks like a good $100 investment........and good job on the silicone ............Phil

Originally Posted by schnell325 View Post
For the price, it looks great!

Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
Good stuff

Originally Posted by ec_E92 View Post
Looks great and I agree 100% on going the cheap route as I consider this a "consumable" item. Can you PM a link? Cheapest I can find on eBay is $200 shipped.
I tried finding them on DDM's website but it doesn't look like they have them listed anymore. They were in the "clearance" section when I found them. Maybe call?

Originally Posted by USC2000 View Post
Not worth it for those gaps.
I understand your sentiment but the ONLY place there were minor gaps were in the typical places (curve right before sides). I've seen that with nearly all reps and even some with the authentic ones. It was nothing more than maybe 1/4" and easily corrected with a small bead of silicone. I put silicone the whole length of the lip as I wanted it to look consistent and "flush." So if you see silicone it wasn't necessarily because there was a gap. 95% of it fit very nicely.

Originally Posted by nsanbyker View Post
Pm link also. With lowered car these lips get hammered. Feel a lot less frustrated damaging a $100 lip vs $900+ lips.
Sorry couldn't find the them on DDM's site Like I mentioned above, call or email them maybe?