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Originally Posted by JM3 View Post
The original poster is a nice guy, but he made a critical error in his comparison. He forgot to include and measure the bottom part of the stock mount, yet it IS included and measured on the GC camber /caster assembly.

This makes any comparisons reach a false conclusion.
Jay, I don't think anyone suggested that the stock top mount is shorter than GC's. Only that Dinan's modified stock top mount is shorter than GC's. Hope this makes sense. We have too many conversations going on in here

Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Here are the parts off my car:

31332283379 is the smaller washer

31332283038 is the larger one on the bottom. It's nowhere near as thick as the one in your photo. was it a production change?
Mine (and dozens of cars I've worked on) all have the "thin" washers you mentioned (31332283038) at the bottom of the top mount. Perhaps there was a change

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