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Help roof trim popped off

2 days ago we had some freezing rain
And woke up to find the plastic trim on the side of the CF roof had popped off
I assume water had gotten between it and the metal body
And when the water froze (and expanded) it pushed the plastic upwards
When I examined it it seems to be held on with black double sided tape
Should I get some betalink and use that?
Or could that be bad to the CF resin layer?
Don't really feel like taking it to the dealer and they mess it up
I just need to replace 2 of those double sided tape segments
They are about 2 inches long
I believe there are 4 of them per side

Here is a pic
It's the shiny black plastic trim on either side of the CF roof
That one that has the 2 pop up covers where the roof rack mounts
It popped up at the end bit, right before where it meets the rear window

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated