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Originally Posted by krnboy817 View Post
this is very true, it is a class envy. and i wish more people did some more simple math before agreeing with the media and liberal propaganda(s) that the rich isnt paying fair.

average income in U.S. from 2006 - 2010 is $51,916 by the census.

the ideal average income most of the average income wage earners would consider any one "the rich" lets say would be million per year.

so this is my question to those who think its unfair...

(based on the variables stated above)

if "the rich" has 9% ($90,000) income tax rate and average wage earner has 35% ($18,170)tax rate, who pays more tax per year?

plus a lot of these "rich" folks (those who invest) with gains they already paid taxes on and gets taxed again (15% tax of gain) when they gain from the investment... so its basically a double dip by the IRS to the "rich" if you ask me.

plus i dont think "the rich" has any tax returns that they are so eagerly waiting to see in their mail box either.
Oh........ My........... God.......
This thread will be a permanent record of how moronic the right-wingers are!

For the 4th time now, can we please stop talking about total tax dollars?!?!?!?!? OF COURSE as you earn more income, you're paying more dollars in tax - this is true as long as the rate is not zero; nobody disagrees with this statement.

So let's look at your wonderful example: the rich guy makes 20 times as much, but only contributes 5 times the tax revenue - yeah, I'd say that's pretty fuk'd up, and for the sake of humanity, you'd better all think that's fuk'd up.

So one guy has $33K to live on, while the other guy has $910K - so now the 20-fold income disparity is a 27.5-fold net cash disparity. Good going! Yeah, let's tax the shit out of the middle-class guy's live-or-die money, while taking almost nothing from the wealthy guy's discretionary million.

Look, I didn't invent graduated tax rates, but they're the foundation of a functioning capitalistic society. But you guys have gone off the deep-end, wanting to tax discretionary income at a substantially lower rate than essential income. That's not the way it works for the lower 80% of earners in this country, and there's no rationale for the top 20% to be nearly exempt from getting fairly taxed.