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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Just ran into a guy who had the M logo all over his 335d. Told me how it was the same suspension and interior as the M3. Told me he could beat me in a race too. Thought it was quite hilarious.
Yeah, I don't understand that guy, or the whole debate in general. If you have a 335 and its tuned and its fast, good for you. Not sure why you have to go up to an M3 owner and let it be known how great your car is. And then go on to say you spent too much money on your car, I mean, what an ass. If you can afford it who cares how you choose to spend your hard earned cash. Honestly, the guy should've just pulled his johnson out and asked if you wanted to compare sizes, because that is what he was doing.

I drive my M3 because its the car that I want to drive. There are many cars faster than it (some cheaper, some more expensive), there are many cars slower than it (some cheaper, some more expensive), but the M3 does everything that I want it to do. I could give a damn what other people think or what they drive. I don't go up to g35s, C classes, other 3 series owners and tell them their car sucks for such and such reason. If your car makes you happy, no matter what car it is, you'll get the same response from me: "Nice car man."

With all that being said, recently a friend of mine was talking about buying a 335 and modding it so it can be faster than my m3. "Yeah, my car will be faster than yours," he would say. My response: "but you will still be driving a 335." I never heard talk about it since then.
"This is like having a house-cat thatís a bengal tiger." - Todd Deeken,, on owning an e90 m3.