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Originally Posted by cmk227 View Post
Most people that are married professionals with 10+ yrs of experience and make $250,000 are part of the 1%.

I can tell you that I pay well over the cost of an ///M3 every year in taxes. I also work for very affluent individual and we do pay significant taxes. It amazing that people still believe that the wealthy does not pay their fair share.

It class warfare or envy. Plain and simple.
this is very true, it is a class envy. and i wish more people did some more simple math before agreeing with the media and liberal propaganda(s) that the rich isnt paying fair.

average income in U.S. from 2006 - 2010 is $51,916 by the census.

the ideal average income most of the average income wage earners would consider any one "the rich" lets say would be million per year.

so this is my question to those who think its unfair...

(based on the variables stated above)

if "the rich" has 9% ($90,000) income tax rate and average wage earner has 35% ($18,170)tax rate, who pays more tax per year?

plus a lot of these "rich" folks (those who invest) with gains they already paid taxes on and gets taxed again (15% tax of gain) when they gain from the investment... so its basically a double dip by the IRS to the "rich" if you ask me.

plus i dont think "the rich" has any tax returns that they are so eagerly waiting to see in their mail box either.

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