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Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Dinan claims an increase in suspension travel by shaving the bottom of the OEM mount. So would the plate in the middle provide a similar amount of suspension travel gain that Dinan claims?

In my mind, that would be ideal for the Dinan suspensions that will see track and street use.

Am I on the right track?
Yes. But from my experience, the limitation is how high the EDC motor can go,11mm or so, before it starts to restrict camber adjustment (not an issue with Dinan, because there is no adjustment)

Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Here are the parts off my car:

31332283379 is the smaller washer

31332283038 is the larger one on the bottom. It's nowhere near as thick as the one in your photo. was it a production change?
Not that I know of.

The thin washer is the TOP washer. The thick one in my pic, and hidden in the pic you posted, is the lower washer and I have not seen or heard of any changes. In fact it is the same washer as used on early e34 M5, and very early e36 four doors, so it has been around a while and probably wont be changed

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