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Hmmmm..... They were there pretty quick when I was in. I did purchase there as they matched the pricing I could get via the internet. So far they have been fine for the most part. I did ask them if they would match the usual internet suspects on the M exhaust but the quoted me 4900 for it. I told my sales lady that that was above MSRP even before they lowered it and that you could get it for 3500 shipped all day online. She said she would talk to them and they offered 3600. I told her forget it I would just ship the exhaust there and have it installed at delivery. Then she got back to me a little later and said it was against their corporate policy to allow an item to be shipped in from another dealer. No problem I told her, I would ship it in to myself and just carry it in so they could install it while I filled out the paperwork. Sometimes these guys make me wonder what they are thinking. They know that I am aware it can be purchased for much less from a good many dealers and yet rather than make that profit themselves they try to push for more. Whatever, they had their chance.
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