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The1: You're right, but if I'm gonna rebuild a PC; might as well exagerate the numbers a bit and still be sure that your machine will eat them alive.

Maybe struggling wasnt the right word ahah.

I like the D7000; Its a good camera; but smaller frame compared to the new FX sensor. I know it goes HIGHER then MSRP on ebay right now because nobody has it in stock. I know most of my gearsgrinding comes from my DX lenses. And to be honest, I think the Autofocus could be a bit better. I always feel like I get WAY better results when I take my time and focus manually. For fast action paced shots, I have a hard time getting sharp images on long distances because it never focus where I want it to (Hockey shots are the worst). The D800 improves the system a lot from what I've read. I know a decent customer would invest in good glasses first and then go from there.

But i'm not one of those decent customers. I was purchasing a FX lens (50mm 1.4) and was considering going FX one day. But the release of the D800 really intrigued me and lets just say I had an offer I couldnt refuse I always liked to learn and work on the best tools and I guess I adapted this mentality to photography too. I dont NEED a FX right now, but since i'm at the early stage of the learning process, I dont want to limit myself to DX sensors only.

My gf always says that i'm the "go big or go home" kinda guy. Its cool to have the best toys out there. Especially when you dont spend a day without at least spending 2h talking or reading about that new passion of mine... Or sickness like she would call it. ahah

We're on a bimmer forum after all! So I guess you all can relate. We drive the best cars; even if we could still go to work in a rusty civic. You're still gonna make it from point A to point B, but in a lot less brillant way
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