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Originally Posted by Diver View Post
I have a D700, not sure if I want a D800. Large files will be a pain and some lenses that worked fine on the D700 might not be so hot on the D800. I am putting off a decision for a while.
This is one of my main concerns. Not only big files needs big cards when you got long days of shooting, but you need the computer to be able to process 70-75mb raw files in a heartbeat. My dual core 2.2 w/ 4gb or 667mhz ram handles my 17-22mb raw files pretty fast, but i'm pretty sure it will be outdated when it comes to the 30mb files.

The good news is that i'm not gonna be in the first batch of owners. Its pre-ordered, yes, but I will get my order fulfilled only when all the preorders are sent and that stores are stocked enough; so that means june-july.

So I have plenty of time to rebuild my PC and switch to SSD. That and two 95mb/s 32gb cards should do the trick just fine. (Or even faster if I ever switch to CF)

But that's a lot of money; new camera, new computer, new cards, new glasses. But oh well. I wanted to make the move for almost 6 months now. Gotta pay to play.

And IF (I really doubt, but...) the reviews are THAT bad; I always have the option of cancelling and ordering a D700 at clearance prices or just continue to struggle with my D7000 and buy better glasses in the meantime.
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