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Originally Posted by christopherchenm
335i/335d with tune can easily eat heavily modded NA M3, this is no doubt. But what it means same interior and suspension? The interior is supposed to be almost identical... I respect 335i as I owned before but some of the 335i owners are m3 haters just because they are jealous. M badge adds 30HP
Check out you tube - video of Dinan stage 3 335i vs stock m3 - m3 beat it in track and in drag race to quarter mile. The mods would have to be pretty intensive on 335i just to narrowly edge out a stock M3 let alone what an even heavier 335d with even less horsepower than 335i would need.

I've had a 335d loaner - fast car - don't get me wrong - but even my M3 vert at 4145 lbs stock is definitely faster than 335d stock...