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We build these cars for our customers to enjoy, It is up to them what they chose to do with their car. I would say 90% of our customers pick up their cars and never bother posting anything about them. Kinda sucks for us but you cant argue with them. Seems like the few customers that have had actually post on here about their car, just ended up getting picked on by the same group of "internet gangsters" as we like to call them, with immature things and pics like a blown up engine pic . Our project M3 is fast and easily spins 1st-4th gear no problem, this is on 315 Nitto Nt01s. However, we honestly don't care to post up HP numbers because it seems pointless to us. There will always be the same group of people on here trying to some how knock on us. Making some kind of excuse or crazy lie with a bunch of nonsense claiming one way or another our numbers are manipulated and how this is impossible etc. Then we will waste the next few weeks getting into a pissing war with these members and honestly we don't have the time nor the patience to do this.

Those of you that have met us personally know what our cars can do. We track them on local tracks very often, we try to come out to meets as much as possible and we even daily drive them for the most part. We have a passion for what we do and we will continue doing it. Once we have achieved what we have been working on for so long we will post every bit of information because at that point, no matter what anyone says the cars we are currently building will do all of the talking

Thanks to all of those who have actually taken the time to see what we are doing for the M3 community and don't just jump on the hate train bandwagon. We really do appreciate it and for those that dont like us, that is ok, it gives us more motivation to keep pushing these cars to the next level.

Team Gintani

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