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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
the gearing is horrible in the 335d, that's why it will only run 13.8s at 102 mph-ish in 1/4 mile. And on the track, give me a break, that baby weighs more than the M3 and has 335 suspension.
335D wasn't built to be a track car

Honestly, if i had the ability to turn my M3 into a 335D for the street, and push a button and have it turn into a M3 for the track, I'd do it

I had a 335D for a couple weeks and I was in love.
Since I'm the type that rarely takes his M over 3-4k RPM on the street, 6kish on the freeway, the 335D is the best commuter car for me.

I barely had to touch the throttle and I'd be able to do 60-80 passes on the highway etc
while getting close to 30MPG! I only get about 18MMPG in my M3

Before you guys say I don't drive my M3 "right" or"the way it was designed" etc.... I track 2-3 times a month, more than enough (for me) to get my speed fix

There's no denying that a 335D is a better DD/commuter car.

o and with a tune... I could see a 335D beating a decently modified M3 (Xpipe, filter, pulley, no FI...)
This being only a straight line 'race' without really reaching high speeds
As with a JB4, you can gain about 60hp and 100 torque on the 335D. Amazing what ~$300 can do to that car