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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
That isn't such a bad rate of loss, might be able to squeeze out another pound but any more and you're probably losing more mass than you want. I'd shoot for 2 lbs per week at the most. Depends on your diet too, what you are eating is important if you're trying to cut. Go with too big of a deficit and you'll lose energy to workout and mass.
Yeah like I said I've been shooting for ~2100 calories or so, with hitting 160 protein and 80 fat on my macros (1g/pd and .5g/pd respectively), although I only started paying attention to the macros this week because I didn't realize how important they were before, so that probably wasn't helping my case. I was eating too many carbs (I do eat mostly complex carbs though) and not enough protein before I think which might have hurt my cut. According to the equation I used my BMR was 1974 and I gave myself a TEF of 1.4 since I desk jockey besides on the weekends and when I go to the gym 4 days a week on average I would say. That set me at 2764 calories total, so i'm cutting about 600. I guess I'll get on the scale next time I go to the gym, try to drop another two pounds, and then start bulking again. I'm not really sure how much mass I am losing because my physique wasn't great to begin with, I can only bench 115 as my top set (10 reps) so I'm not really built. Does that all sound reasonable to you (and anyone else reading)? I think I really started cutting the week after New Years, and I've dropped 4 or 5 pounds since then. Can def see it in the mirror, but there's still more to lose too.
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