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Originally Posted by mrkbbd View Post
I don't think it is false advertising or bait and switch. Mistakes happen all the time and bait and switch implies they advertise they have something at an incredibly low price, but have none in stock and try to get you into a more expensive model -- here they listed at more or less above market price & if the other reports are true, there was potential fraud on the employee's part, not the dealers'.
no, they had the car for at least two weeks. It was on the Toyota used car lot. They had a few other 3 series, but all had the correct VINs, and correct stickers, and all of those were listed on the website.
One of the salesman had said that an employee was trying to buy the M3 and then flip it.
They finally put a sticker on the car last weekend and labelled it a 328i, a 328i was next to it, a tan one. They had the Interlagos blue M3 labelled a diff color 328i...after I said something, then they labelled it a 335i...
That is two mistakes? And it was still not on the website. No, they were being
shady. Trying to hide the fact that the car was on the lot, and keep it for themselves.
What would have happened had I or someone else tried to get that car for the listed 19,600? Well, they would have said, "oh, it's a mistake, but we do have a 328i here...", and that is what they did when I inquired.
If one would have insisted, the higher ups would have not wanted to lose that money on the car, technically, the employee and the dealership can be sure for false advertising, as the employee represents the dealership.

As of yesterday, the car was put on Koons Toyota website---and they had the car for at least 2weeks? Come on.