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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Are you still wanting to gain mass now? If so, don't worry about a deficit. Don't go crazy, like don't eat 8000 calories a day or something, but you can comfortably eat 500-750 calories over. Just follow your typical lift routine for gaining (if you have one). I've always been a fan of heavy compound lifts for size and strength. Limit your cardio a lot, it'll sap your energy, but don't get rid of it completely, it'll aid in keeping your fat gain at a minimum. Walking and light jogging is good, light bike riding too since it's low impact.

When you go to cut, get a good deficit going and bump up the intensity of your lifts. Less rest in between sets is better than just more reps. You'll naturally do less weight with the less rest in between sets, but you'll still be able to go pretty heavy and you can maintain as much mass as possible. When I am trying to burn fat, I always go from 60-90 seconds in between sets to 30 seconds or less. It might not seem like a lot, but damn you'll be smoked. I can still lift pretty heavy like this, but the intensity of the workouts is higher than my typical gain workout.

As long as your diet is straight you should lose minimal mass while watching the fat melt away.
I'm thinking I would prefer to cut before I gain mass since time is limited before May or so when it gets nice again. Maybe I should be eating at a larger deficit. I haven't really been losing much weight (maybe a pound or a pound and a half) over the last two-three weeks so I might need to be eating at a bigger deficit?

Good info about the lifting sets. Thanks.
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