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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Condit v Diaz confirmed. Not sure why he took the fight but he must be confident. I can't remember the stats but there's always a high chance you will win the rematch.

Also heard Silva told Sonnen to stop talking and start training
Yeah, the rematch is on. I bet Condit deep down wasn't happy with the way everyone is saying he was simply running away from diaz. He won a very technical game and clearly had the W. I also read somewhere that GSP was willing to vacate the title just to get a chanct to fight Diaz. You can be damn sure that The big wigs in the UFC would NOT allow him to simply step down as a champ to fight diaz. I really wonder what will happen if in the rematch, Condit wins decisively.

Silva was training wrestling with some tribes. He's so gangster lol. If sonnen that fought bisping appears in front of Silva in Brazil, the dude will only last 2 rounds. Round 1 is Silva feeler, Round 2 = Silva taking you out.