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Originally Posted by DaveDee View Post
Because MFKN3 and I got the wheels ex Holland we paid GST and import duty but they were cheaper ex Europe than USA. In any case BBS wheels are manufactured in Herbolzheim Germany and exported to USA. USA has only sales and marketing (apparently) so would not qualify as OEM. I'd hate to see anyone caught out on a technicality. MFKN3 researched this at great length to get the best pricing which ended up being Holland. Even with the duties its sad to say they are still significantly cheaper to import and pay the duties than buy here. The rims alone are $3590 RRP here (for 19")
Sorry you are correct, i should have mentioned the wheels i've bought are made in the USA which is why they fall under the agreement. Just wanted to let people know, as i know a few guys who have bought US made forged wheels and gotten stung with all the extras.