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Hi Everyone

OK here is a thread I have to comment on.

2. A 335d is on the motorway for all reasonable purposes as fast as an M3, I know this because I good friend currently owns one, and we've tried it. The m3 is a wee bit quicker, but get it slightly wrong and nup. For those with a love of stats ref the 80-120 km/h numbers the 335d is in fact quicker.
Just checked some dyno results of stock M3. It has >265hp after around 4500rpm. No way in hell, in any gear, you'll be that low after shifting at redline. In fact, you'll be around 6000rpm, which gives 330hp. So the M3s power band is between 330hp and 414hp, and you're saying a car with 265hp is faster? It won't in any gear.
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