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Originally Posted by kiwistu View Post
Hi Everyone

OK here is a thread I have to comment on.

1. Don't run down the 335d until you have at least had one for a day or two, or better a year or two. I had mine for 18 months. It was wonderful, really something. Drove it at the track 5 or 6 times went really well.

2. A 335d is on the motorway for all reasonable purposes as fast as an M3, I know this because I good friend currently owns one, and we've tried it. The m3 is a wee bit quicker, but get it slightly wrong and nup. For those with a love of stats ref the 80-120 km/h numbers the 335d is in fact quicker.

3. The seats are different along with a whole lot of details (as we know), and the stereo much better (in NZ spec anyhow)

4. The handling is similar, but for me the M3 is better because as we all know it has m3 specific suspension, you just have to look underneath.

5. I went to the M3 for the LSD, Manual and sharp turn in that I wanted. And the bonnet looks cool. and I am a petrol head in a suit.

6. Yes my one was a M-Spec one which had an M logo on the boot from BMW NZ and M sport suspension, seats steering wheel etc which means it sits a little lower (NOT to be confused with an M3!). (just like an S-Line Audi that how they sell them here, so dont bother with the whole M car rant)

Summary, unless your a nut buy a 335d, and it would make a perfect car for my family if I didn't need a big 7 seater.

The 335d is not faster. It's a great car, but not up to the caliber of the E90/E92 M3. I own both and have driven both.
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