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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar
Originally Posted by ecleland View Post
Long live Trickle Down. It does work
That's a laughable conclusion. Clearly, the recession had ended, followed by leveling-off of job losses, followed by job growth. It's called an expansion. Same exact thing's happening now: recession ends June '09, job losses level-off Oct '09, followed by job growth. Happened during Reagan, and Clinton. None involved pathetic $100 bribe checks.

Considering the evidence that 1-percenters like Romney pay extremely low tax rates, it would seem to underscore the fact that the entire "trickle-down" concept is a straw man.
Most people that are married professionals with 10+ yrs of experience and make $250,000 are part of the 1%.

I can tell you that I pay well over the cost of an ///M3 every year in taxes. I also work for very affluent individual and we do pay significant taxes. It amazing that people still believe that the wealthy does not pay their fair share.

It class warfare or envy. Plain and simple.

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