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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Too anti-semitic...

post the most attractive man/women you've been with? prostitutes/hookers accepted
post your fastest track time
post your salary
post your shoe size
post your running mile time
post your marathon time
post your bench press (in plates, not lbs noobs)
Have you been to X city?
How do you travel? First Class? G5? Private Jet?
Do you own your own business?
What is your title at work? CFO, VP, COO, CEO, Director, Associate Director?
Did you pay cash for your car?
Who came first? You or Her? (you are always early)
What was your biggest gambling win?
What is the most expensive car you own?
Do you have a boat?
Do you have a a plane?
If I walk into a bar, would I know who you are?