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Originally Posted by BMW6Speed View Post

To a Z06 driver, you might look like an asshole who drives like a douche.
Sounds like you enjoy bullying people who own a slower car than yours - that makes you a douchebag
Originally Posted by BMW6Speed View Post

I really don't understand your logic.
You wouldn't race a Z06 because you know you will lose.
The G35 driver wouldn't race you because he knows that a stock G35 will lose.
So now, your point is...???

But I'm not trying to taunt stock G's Im doing it to ones that look like they have work done to them...........are you not reading my posts guy? You wouldn't race a granny in a stock G would you? Chill the fuck out.

And what the hell are you talking about to a z06 driver I look like a dick? Your saying that like I am driving recklessly all the time or at all? I've clearly said before I'm not taunting kids in G's because I am being a bully, I'm doing to the ones that think there G is a car from god (i.e. ones like in previous pictures like I said before). Just know your place on the road thats all. Stop dragging this on guy.

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