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Originally Posted by BMW6Speed View Post

Well that makes you a pussy and a douchebag.
You would only race cars that appear to be slower than yours...

I owned a G35, and I still raced faster cars if they wanted to have a run.
There are a lot of fast G's and Z's out there, just like there are a lot of fast civics out there.

Before assuming that those G drivers are "intimidated", you should realize that you are not much different from those G drivers.

No one cares if your car is chipped or not. At the end of the day, you drive a 335i.
Wow you guys are really over doing it on this. So if a z06 pulls next to me and tries to race, and I know I am going to lose, what is the purpose of racing and risking getting caught by the police and getting my license taken away, or worse get into an accident? Were not talking being at the track. At least if your going to street race, know you'll win or have a chance to win, otherwise your just stupid for trying, and all risk no reward. And for the G drivers if some kid drives like a jerkoff and tries to race me, I am going to put him in his place, knowing that unless he has a lot of work done I'm winning. And trust me I know the intimidated look and reaction when I drive by one, it is very obvious.

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